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MSR Working Papers

MSR working paper series is free of charge and available through this website, RePEc and SSRN. This series is listed under ISSN 2748-3916

    The following categories are eligible to submit their work to MSR working paper series:

    1) MSR staff and ambassadors.

    2) Senior fellows and affiliates.

    3) Annual conferences, workshops, and training programs' participants and graduates.

    List of Working papers

    The Covid 19 Pandemic and Food Security in Pakistan

    Mohsin Khan

     No.: 06-2021                                Topic: Food Security, Covid 19                Date: August 2021

    Believe it or Not: Covid 19 Environmental Effects are More Ngetaives than Positives

    Olwaseun Samuel Oduniyi, John M. Riveros, Sherif M. Hassan, Ferhat Citak 

     No.: 05-2021                                Topic: Environment, COVID 19                Date: July 2021

    Determinants of Sectoral and Sub-sectoral FDI: Evidence from the MENA Region

    Ahmed Badreldin, and Sherif M. Hassan 

     No.: 04-2021                                Topic: FDI, MENA                Date: July 2021

    Developing a Provincial Choice Model of the Philippines

    Adriel Ong

     No.: 03-2021                                Topic: , Spatial, provincial choice model                 Date: May 2021

    Historical Climate Factors and Rice Prices in the Philippines.

    Adriel Ong

     No.: 02-2021                                Topic: food price, Rice                           Date: May 2021

    2008 Financial Crises V.s. COVID 19: The Painful Double-Knock of Food Prices.

    John M. Riveros, Sherif M. Hassan and Oluwaseun Samuel Oduniyi

     No.: 01-2021                                Topic: FAO food price, ARDL                            Date: Mar 2021

    Excess liquidity and monetary policy implementation in a small open developing economy: The case of Mozambique

    Aurelio Bucuane

     No.: 04-2020                                Topic:  Exchange rate, Hybrid model          Date: Nov 2020

    Impact of Trade Openness on Foreign Direct Investment in Sub Saharan Africa Countries

    Badamasi Sani Mohamed and Sule Ya'u Hayewa

     No.: 03-2020                                Topic:  Trade openness, FMOLS          Date: Nov 2020


    First to React Is Last to Forgive: Evidence from the Stock Market Impact of COVID 19

    Sherif M. Hassan and John Riveros

     No.: 02-2020                                Topic:  COVID 19, Stock Market          Date: July 2020


    Health Repercussions of Child Marriage on Middle-Eastern Mothers and Their Children

    Sherif M. Hassan and Mohsin Khan

     No.: 01-2020                                Topic:  Development, Child Marriage          Date: May 2020


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    "Before acceptance and inclusion in the series, papers will be subject to anonymous peer-reviewing by the institute's academic council and an external network of scholars in relevant fields. Decisions are communicated within 7-10 working days after submitting the manuscript "

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